We design and produce stone models of famous landmarks from all over the world. Our products are 3D puzzles for hobbyists, especially historical buildings of all civilisations that include palaces, temples, churches, mosques, towers, castles, houses. We enjoy so much from what we do and we believe you will enjoy together with us. 

Miniamania brand started with a question. How to teach art, history and architecture subjects with more fun to people from all ages and backgrounds? We have realised that if a person builds a historical building stone by stone with his/her hands, it not only turns into a very relaxing and enjoyable hobby activity, but also become a very instructive game that teaches many information concurrently.

We are committed to continue earning the trust from you and we are always inspired by creative people to be the best we can be. So, time to have fun!

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All stone blocks and glues inside the box are safe and produced from natural compounds. We do not consume resources and materials at a faster rate than they are regenerated so that our future generation can also benefit from the same variety of resources and materials our generations has access to. Our models are designed for +14 age and they are not toy.